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AU where Harry is brought up by Sirius and Remus.

Harry swaggering into Hogwarts at age 11.
Harry trying to lean back in his chair like he’d seen Sirius do.
Harry knowing all the secret passage ways in his very first year itself.
Harry knowing the perfect hexes for Malfoy.
Harry pretending to be really embarrassed by Remus teaching them in 3rd year, but secretly feeling delighted when he finds the rest of his class thinks he’s the coolest teacher they’ve had.
Harry getting howlers from Sirius announcing the next Weird Sisters concert.
Harry fiercely defending werewolves.
And most importantly, Harry who is happy and loved. Harry who has someone to go home to. Harry who has someone to talk about his teenage woes to. Harry who grew up knowing what wonderful, brave people his parents were.

black-cat-number-13 asked:

You left me alone.



"I…you think I left you alone?"

Now the guilt really set in. She choked on her own breath, backing away, eyes flickering to the ground. That stupid voice in the back of her head began taunting her. Andromeda was right, huh? You do mess everything up. Being with a human only causes chaos… Sabrina leaned against the wall, sliding down slowly, covering her mouth.

The night air was warm from summer, and the crickets were chirping amongst the rustling of trees. Curling up, she rocked herself. You’re a fuck up. Breathing in shakily, she tried not to cry. Maybe it was best if she left him alone anyways. 

A child. That could be their baby in a few years, if she kept this up. The last thing she wanted was their own child to die in such an awful, cruel way. “I’m sorry,” She blubbered to nobody in particular. Maybe to all the people that died. Maybe the little girl. Whatever it was, they needed to hear it.

Train stood behind the wall, listening to her for a few moments, stewing in anger, at her, at himself, at the world in general. He muttered a curse at himself before pushing himself off the wall, stalking through the dark house to their bedroom. He packed a bag quickly, clothes, weapons, a few bundles of cash in a duffel bag, and grabbed the keys to the truck from the nightstand.

Walking back out the door, he dropped the bag of her clothes, her weapons, and the money at her feet, tossing the keys on top of it. “Here’s how this is going to go,” he stated, voice quiet. “You’ve got half a million in cash, your favorite clothes, and a good amount of your tools in that bag,” he told her. “The truck has a full tank of gas, and it’s running fine,” he added, crossing his arms and staring down at her.

"You can go and do what they tell you to, or whatever, but if you’re going to vanish like that, do it for good," he told her sternly. "Or you can stay here, with me, and you can help me save people, and actually make a noticeable difference in people’s lives, and do what you want to make the difference you want to," he added, opening his hand and offering it to her, opposite the bag. "But either way, I want you to decide now, Sabrina…"

black-cat-number-13 asked:

You left me alone.



"I…you think I left you alone?"

Arching one brow, she bit her tongue. There was a lot she wanted to say, but she was in the wrong here. Not him. “Babe…I’m sorry….” She murmured, hand resting on his shoulder lightly. “I really am. I lost track of time.” And space. And who I was. The mission had been a weird one. She had to bring some people back from hell, and it was not a pleasant experience. Still, she should have told him. “Do you want me to explain why I was gone?”

He shifted back, her hand falling from his shoulder, a spark of anger flashing to his eyes before falling back into the frigid gold. “No. Instead, let me explain to you what happened while you were gone,” he countered, voice brooking no argument. “There was a nest of vampires, three towns over. They made a feeding pit, kidnapped ten, fifteen people. I couldn’t be sure because I couldn’t put all the body parts and scraps together to check,” he began, voice trembling, growing louder as he went.

"I couldn’t track them, because I don’t know how. I couldn’t find their nest, couldn’t save all those people, couldn’t keep all of those fucking families from having to bury loved ones without any real explanation, all because my fucking partner decided to go missing, without any note, reason, or ANYTHING. FOR THREE WEEKS," he ended, shouting now, tears shining in the corners of his eyes.

"There were CHILDREN among those bodies, Sabrina! I picked out the body of a girl, couldn’t have been more than eight yeas old," he told her, voice falling near silent. "They strangled her with her own intestines. She died, crying, choking on the scent of decaying flesh, because I couldn’t find her in time to save her. So save your fucking explanation. I don’t want to hear it…" he growled, turning and storming back into the house.

black-cat-number-13 asked:

You left me alone.



"I…you think I left you alone?"

"I…" How was she to explain this? She didn’t even remember the past two weeks. Between work and barely eating enough…She’d been horrible to not remember him. "Oh, Train. I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…leave you alone like that.”

He raised his hands to the sides, palms out towards her, staving off explanation. “Whatever. I lived regardless, so it’s fine,” he replied, pushing away from the doorway and standing upright, eyes coolly meeting hers. “Just try and tell me next time you’re gonna go MIA on me. Kind of an important bit of information for your fiancee to know, I think, but maybe that’s just me.”

Text Prompts

  • [Text] I'm sorry, okay? An apology is what you wanted, right?

  • [Text] This is going to sound a little strange, but what's the best way to get blood stains out of clothes?

  • [Text] We need to talk. Call me.

  • [Text] Can you come pick me up? May have been drinking and may have also punched out a guy for talking shit.

  • [Text] I know it's late. Come meet me at the beach.

  • [Text] Where do you hide your spare key?

  • [Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?

  • [Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you.

  • [Text] Wanna go on a coffee run for me?

  • [Text] I am never drinking that much again.

  • [Text] I'm pretty sure I left my underwear at your place.

  • [Text] I... think you sent that to the wrong person.

  • [Text] Shit, don't open that. I sent that to the wrong person.

  • [Text] Give me one more chance.

  • [Text] Come get Taco Bell with me. No, I don't care that it's three in the morning, I'm already outside your place.

  • [Text] Where are you? And why do you never tell me where you're going?

  • [Text] Saw VII or Paranormal Activity 4?

  • [Text] Report to my bedroom immediately for snuggles.

  • [Text] I need bail money.

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